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  1. We currently link passwords across multiple lists to allow for different security groups accessing different lists. With that said, enabling automatic password resets is something we want to get configured for many of our passwords; many of these being shared/linked into multiple lists. Currently, once you copy/link an entry to another password list, the options for "enabled for Resets" is grayed out. Is there a process that I'm missing that will allow this feature on linked entries? Is it on the radar somewhere for the future? V8.1 Build 8114
  2. Fantastic, I didn't realize that was there. For anyone else trying to accomplish this: To bulk move/cop/copy link passwords use Administration > Password Lists To bulk delete password lists and folders you use Administration > Password Folders though this is limited to one hierarchy at a time so if what you want to delete are password lists at the leaf of several trees heirarchies but without deleting the whole hierarchy it looks like you have to do that one at a time.
  3. The above was posted by us, not sure if linking to our account affects this in any way.
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