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  1. Hi, In previous versions of Passwordstate the following features were present when requesting access to a password list: 1) The list of password list administrators was shown 2) The requester could choose which administrator to notify: 1 administrator from the, or all in the list My users are reporting they are missing feature 1. The use case is that we have lots of lists and lots of administrators, each team managers their own lists. When a user requests access, and it's urgent, they would like to know who the admins are so they can "chase" their request. Feature 2 would also be nice to have to prevent 2,3,4, administrators from getting a notification e-mail. But this is more nice to have. Please let us know your thoughts, Valentijn
  2. A feature requeset to have a recycle bin for password lists is (more or less) here: https://www.clickstudios.com.au/community/index.php?/topic/2311-single-password-password-list-recovery/&tab=comments#comment-5900
  3. +1, especially because deleting a password lists currently also deletes all associated audit logs.
  4. Hi, Recently I noticed that when removing a password list all associated audit log records are also deleted. My opinion is: - An Audit log should be append only. I understand that at some point it might get truncated. - The message currently being displayed when deleting a password list is not making clear the audit log is being deleted as well. I understand that "all related records" is very broad, but in my experience users don't expect audit logs to be deleted. - I will also raise a recycle bin feature request (if not already present). A recycle bin could help if can only be 'cleared' by passwordstate admins. Valentijn
  5. Hi, I'd like to encourage users to use the default password generator as this has a high minimum length. Until now password lists were created with password generator policy "My Personal Generator". I have changed the template to use the "Default password generator policy", so new password lists will be OK. Is there an easy way (or SQL query) to change all existing password lists? Valentijn
  6. I also think the query above does not take the number of members of a group into account? I might take a look at adjusting the query as we are possibly looking at making sure all lists have at least 2 admins.
  7. I agree the query works fine, but it requires SQL access. I wouldn't want to allow too many servicedesk people access to the database (and bypassing audit logs). So would be nice to have the report in place. The primary usecase I would use this report is when/before deleting a user. So ideally the report would be "Password lists for which a user is the only admin".
  8. Hi, Sometimes it happens that people are leaving our company. When their account is deleted (or disabled) it can result in passwordlists having no admin anymore. As far as I can tell there's no easy way to generate a report of these lists, so that would be a welcome addition to passwordstate. Any work arounds maybe? Valentijn
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