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Timeout when cloning user permissions


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We have recently moved server, domains and at the same time had to clone permissions for each new user from their old account to the new account on the new domain. We also had to upgrade the server version during the transfer from 8865 to 8983.


It appears there is an issue with cloning the permissions of one user who has the largest amount of private passwords and permissions to shared passwords, when cloning other users the password cloning process reports success within 10 or so seconds, but when cloning the permissions of this one user the Web UI stays in the "Please wait" state while the web service essentially becomes unusable by loading forever and the DebugInfo table in the database is quickly filled with timeout errors. I am currently 45 minutes into waiting for this on the latest attempt to clone the permissions. I have attached the DebugInfo lines that appear after I try to copy the permissions.

The user reported that they have private passwords in the 10s, but not in the 100s so surely the amount of data to be copied shouldnt be that large as to cause a timeout.


Thanks in advance.


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