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Browser extension - almost working

Doogie Howser

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Browser extension says it is configured, however it isn't really working.


The prompt to save comes up, however the "Default Password list" pull down doesn't show any password lists. Clicking save gives no error, but also doesn't save a password.


Configured two password lists - one shared, one private for user. 


Recent configuration change that might be related:

We switched from a self signed cert and site name to a FQDN with a valid SSL cert. Had to allow site to be in Intranet zone and now pass through AD authentication is working, but there might still be a leftover setting pointing to the old non-FQDN (can't find it anywhere though).


Changed everything we can find for hostname to the FQDN, installed extension on new browser (thinking it might be a cached browser entry). Extension changes from Red to Black on new machine/browser but still no password lists.



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