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Additional options for Backup Schedule and Settings


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First of all love the product!  I look after a small install that doesn't have a huge rate of change on password records etc.  

Would it be possible to add some extra options to the Backup Every field located under Administration->Backups and Upgrades->Backup Schedule and Settings

I was thinking of adding 2 days, 4, days and 7 days to the drop down to cater for situations like mine.  Appreciate that if an issue occurs and a restore is required then any changes that occur in between these backup periods will need to be recreated.

Keep up the good work and great example of how Aussies Are Doing It Right!

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In addition to this, could we have the option of keeping the last X days rather than just the last X backups? For example we have auto backups set for when we do an update/upgrade. We had issues with the auto update, which meant it took a backup for each attempt and with each attempt it removed the next oldest backup. I took 3 attempts to get the auto update working, which in our case we lost 3 days of backups.



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