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Client Based Launcher - TeamViewer not working

Björn Pahlen

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Hi there,


today we recognized that the client based launcher is not working with the Teamviewer client anymore. We´re running PWS 9 Build 9117 on Windows 10 Pro clients (20H2).

Teamviewer client is running the latest version. We´ve tested all available browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) but haven´t been lucky so far.


The Teamviewer client is not poping up to recieve the user credentials. All credentials and hosts are configured follwing this post: https://forums.clickstudios.com.au/topic/2111-using-the-remote-session-launcher-to-use-teamviewer-to-connect/


I think this issue came up right after the PWS upgrade from Version 8 to Version 9. It was definetely working some while ago. Maybe we missed something after the upgrade process? Is there anything we can look at (logfiles, etc.) to get to the root cause of this issue?




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