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AD account's password not reseting onto Dependencies


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I have PasswordState 9 (Free 5 users) and everything runs smooth except 2 features and this topic is for one of them.

The dependencies discovery. 


I try to use the PasswordState powershell script that's called "Discover Windows Account Dependencies" to troubleshoot the reason why when an AD password is reset, it doesn't onto Scheduled Tasks...
When I put the list of our servers and precise the identity, the script seems to work but for an unknown reason, some servers just don't return Scheduled Tasks. 


Even 2 identicals servers (like load-balancing's ones) which are supposed to be smiliars... Just don't behave the same way...

For exemple, SRV1 and SRV2 are supposed to have similar configuration. 


SRV1 returns it Scheduled Tasks and SRV2 returns : "Cannot call a method on a null-valued expression"

I am not a developper and this issue just surpass my skills...



Does anyone have any idea about how to troubleshoot this ? Ever encountered this ?
Or anything that could help us to get a relation AD Account <-> Scheduled Tasks (per Host) 



Really appreciate any help, thanks !

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