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Server behing load balancer - prompt for credentials


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We have Passwordstate V9.0 (Build 9073). We're going to upgrade it next month. 

This week (starting 23.08) our users started to get pop-up asking for credentials (that one as they would use incognito mode).

Our server are behind load balancer. I left one server to identify which one is causing issues. When we had just one server - no issues appeared. Issues start once we have more than one server enabled behind load balancer.

What is more interesting; pop-up shows only on Chrome (probably?). When I open IE at the same time, I do not have any pop-ups. 

When user enters credentials into pop-up, it appears again and again. On the server side, I can see in Event Viewer: Audit success A token right was adjusted., An account was successfully logged on., Group membership information. etc. Even that I am not log in and still see pop-up.

Active Directory Integrated version; Manual AD authentication
IIS Providers: Negotiate, NTLM as a second (we won't change it)


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