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Unattended or Silent Installation option


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I would like to request the option to silently install PasswordState so I can incorporate it into an automated deployment.  There used to be a PowerShell Script Clickstudio provided to make this happen in the past but sounds like it is no longer supported with the new MSI installer.  Once the unattended options are worked out and can be passed to the MSI installer, then it can easily  be added to a Chef cookbook, packaged up in a Chocolatey package, or any automated packaging system.  I rely on being able to quickly build out test environments to test new features of passwordstate.


Maybe a more futuristic request is to provide a VM appliance of the passwordstate that we can drop into our environment and wire back into our existing DB data....or maybe create a container version of the service would be cool.  This may already be in your roadmap for the product eventually but I'm seeing allot of our IT tooling starting to be available as containers options.  Just incase you got that crazy dev that wants to do that you should let them investigate that setup.  🙂

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