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Password reset portal editing

Jeff Brandon

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I would like to be able to customise the text of the password reset portal again. It was rough, but in previous versions I could edit the shtml files to make the portal more organization specific and spell out the details required for users who were less than savvy and sometimes language challenged. The ability to edit the text and perform other functions such as hide the email address a PIN was being sent to is gone now in the most recent release, and it would be great to get it back.

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The ability to change the text on the RADIUS screen to something else, such as TOKEN, would be nice.  The option for the main portal login screens is available at:  Administration -> PasswordState Administration -> System Settings -> Authentication Options -> RADIUS Authentication Options (section)


You can do this for the main PasswordState portal login screens, but not for the PasswordReset portal.  Can we get similar functionality for the PasswordReset portal?

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