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Remote Site Location Remote Gateway Error


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Receiving an error on connections to a remote host that is configured using the remote site gateway.  I am using Azure App Proxy here so I am certain that throws a twist at things, but running the RSL gateway on port 443 with linked authentication to my password state main application (saml).  I can tell the Azure authentication part is functioning, but the connection is not happening.  If anyone has seen these errors before or has any insight the help is much appreciated!


Error Console: 

Build No '9519' - Remote Session Launcher Browser Based Gateway Error. Error = Code = S3013, Message = com.toremote.websocket.handler.AccessException: Shadowing is disabled.




com.toremote.websocket.handler.AccessException: Shadowing is disabled.
	at com.toremote.websocket.handler.JoinHandler.processHandShake(SourceFile:57)
	at com.toremote.websocket.handler.AbstractHandler.handshake(SourceFile:137)
	at com.toremote.websocket.handler.AbstractSessionHandler.handshake(SourceFile:610)
	at com.toremote.websocket.handler.AbstractHandler.onHandShake(SourceFile:113)
	at com.toremote.ef.a(SourceFile:1158)
	at com.toremote.bo.run(SourceFile:82)
	at com.toremote.bv.run(SourceFile:252)




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