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SSL certs for main passwordstate webapp and mobileapp (managed on another server with reverse proxy)


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Wonder how to achieve this, i've been digging around but not finding anyone else that has tried to do this too

Essentially I have all of my certificates for my subdomains managed on another server which also manages reverse proxy. As a result my sub-domains for mobileapp url and main webapp already have compliant certificates installed but it seems that the mobileapp and webapp want to use the selfsigned stuff already present on IIS (powerstate is installed on Windows currently).

I'm receiving the following error message on mobileapp since 2 days : "Connection failed, app server SSL certificate is invalid". It was initially working fine for about 2 weeks prior, as I assume it was checking against the self-signed cert on IIS instead of the proper certificate managed on revrse proxy server

Any help is much appreciated, if anyone has any ideas/experience with forcing passwordstate to use certs installed elsewhere - I really don't want to be manually exporting and importing copies over to IIS

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Quick update, haven't made much progress with regards to my initial question but i'd urgently like to atleast be able to log back in through mobile app. That doesn't seem possible anymore as it randomly stopped working and each time I try and repair I get 'Connection failed, app server SSL certificate is invalid'. No certs were changed prior..

Anyone know where to go hunting for logs related to this?

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