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Issues Configuring Backups


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Hi, have been using PasswordState in our corporate environment for many years and am quite familiar with how the product works. Some time back I setup the free version for personal use and training purposes.


As I plan to make my personal version available publicly behind a WAF, I did not join this machine to the domain as I saw no strong reason to, and with the design I had in mind would make it more secure this way. Up until now, I have performed VM level backups and performed upgrades manually using the zip file approach which has worked ok. However, to perform GUI based backups, it seems I must enable backups and this is not working so well.


When I follow the instructions:

2.1 Add Passwordstate Server into Passwordstate - this was already complete

2.2 Create Password List with the Enabled for Resets Option Selected - this part is and complete

2.3 Create Password Record - this is where things don't work. I cannot select the hostname via search button. I can type in the hostname, but I cannot save it. Saving the record without the hostname also doesn't work as hostname seems to be a required filed, even though it is not marked with the red *


In my case the URL I use to access PasswordState is different to the hostname considering I have a load balancer / WAF in front - though WAF functionality is disabled while I troubleshoot. 


Hoping somebody may know how to resolve?

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  1. I have now also disabled Azure AD SAML based auth and have switched back to local basic auth for the time being
  2. I have taken the load balancer / WAF out of the way - issue still remains
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Further to this, having upgraded our production environment to 9611 today, the process seemed to work perfectly fine for a domain joined PasswordState instance. Therefore interested to know if anybody has successfully created the backup account for a standalone machine.

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I just wanted to update and advise that I figured out the issue. 


I misinterpreted section 2.1 for the Hosts addition to be the Administration > Authorized Web Servers. Once I added the VM name under the required Hosts menu item it worked as per the documentation.


Hopefully this helps somebody else if they have the same issue

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