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Account Discovery - One Account to many Hosts

Joerg Lang

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Hi there,

so, we would like to use passwordstate to rotate the local linux user passwords on a big number of hosts.

We know that passwordstate is able to do that, but the feature of account discovery and user to host mapping does not match to our requirements.


Current implementation of account discovery works like this:

  • user max.smith, discovered on host server01 is the first password entry in the list
  • user max.smith, discovered on host server02 is the second password entry in the list

When now resetting the password for user max.smith he will have different passwords on both servers.

When the user exists on 200 servers, we will see 200 password entrys, one for each server.


We would like to see an optional configuration setting which would allow that the password list entry for user max.smith, can be linked to many hosts and not only one.

This would then result in that user max.smith has the same password on any of the hosts with his local user.


We know, that the current approach of account discovery and account to host mapping is the "more secure" way because the local user has on every server a different password, however our way of working is today a different one and we would really like the idea to use passwordstate for that topic


What do you think?



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