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Adding ad accounts from a trusted AD with a local AD-Group


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Im Testing Passwordstate with adding accounts from another trusted domain with the use of a local AD-Group but without success, it gives me a "user/password" error when I want to add those "foreign" AD-Accounts.

There is a domain trust between those two domain (one-way, hardened). Passwordstate-server is a meber of domain B.


I have tested:

- Adding user from domain A -> Success

- Adding user from domain B -> Success

- Adding user from domain A with an AD-Group from domain A -> Success

- Adding users from domain B with an AD-group from domain B -> success

- password for the AD-read accounts for domain a and b are working (success)

- adding AD-group from domain B with AD-users from domain A as members -> failed (user/password is wrong)


Should that be possible? Or have I done somewhere a mistake?  I am thankful for every hint 😉

Using Passwordstate Build Number : 9595 ..  updated to Passwordstate Build Number : 9653 (same error)



Edited by Renato.Mucciarelli
updated PWS and added information from the error console
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