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Mobile App Autofill


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While I am a long-time user of Passwordstate, I am new to the mobile app / appserver side of the application. I have installed the main server and app server on the same machine with different ports - main server is 443 and appserver is 8443. I can connect, view and sync passwords without an issue.


However, once I try to access a website and have the app autofill passwords, nothing happens. If I click in the fields (username and password) I see either or both of the following:

  1. A key icon with the credentials - this doesn't do anything when selected
  2. Passwordstate logo with the message 'verify identity' - this prompts me to login to Passwordstate app, and takes me directly to the credentials for that webpage, but selecting this also does nothing.


I have enabled the autofill option through device settings - I have a Galaxy S20 FE 5G with Android 13

Have tried with both Google Chrome and MSFT Edge with same results


Has anybody else actually had the apps work? I did try this on my wife's iPhone and everything except the OTP was possible.


In case it helps, my setup is as follows:

Main server: pw.example.com > CloudFlare free edition (DNS and basic WAF) > firewall > HA Proxy > Passwordstate server:443

App Server: pwapp.example.com > CloudFlare free edition (DNS and basic WAF) > firewall > HA Proxy > Passwordstate server:8443

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