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SSL Error with Mobile App Configuration


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HI Team


I am having some issues getting the Mobile App Server to talk to the core PasswordState Server, I have setup PasswordState previous on a LAN but now I am migrating to AWS and have configure two servers one for the core PAswordState and one for the Mobile App Server.  I am getting the following error and was hoping someone could offer some guidance in how to solve it.  I am just using the automatically installed SSL certificate at this stage.


Kindest Regards






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It appears you're facing communication issues between the Mobile App Server and the core PasswordState Server in AWS. Without specific error details, it's challenging to offer an exact solution. However, here are some troubleshooting steps from my end:


1- Verify network connectivity: Ensure both servers can communicate over the network and check open ports.

2- Check firewall settings: Ensure the firewall allows inbound and outbound traffic on relevant ports. Verify security group settings in AWS.

3- SSL certificate configuration: Confirm the correct installation and configuration of the SSL certificate on both servers. Check its validity, expiration, and common name (CN) matching.

4- DNS resolution: Ensure proper DNS configuration, allowing resolution of hostnames or IP addresses. Consider using IP addresses directly to bypass DNS issues.

5- Check log files: Examine log files for error messages or warnings on both servers to diagnose the problem.

6- Test connectivity with other tools: Use tools like ping or telnet to check server connection on required ports. Identify if the issue is specific to either server.

7- Consult official documentation: Review Password State's official documentation for specific troubleshooting steps or recommendations.

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