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Permissions role request


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I would like to requesr splitting the Admin role into; content admin and permissions admin OR adding a permissions role. Currently a password list admins can edit folder and password list content, but they can also change folder and password list permissions. 


We would like to control who has access to what folder and password list strictly through AD. But because an admin has the ability to change permissions inside PWS, we cannot make such a statement and pass a compliance or security audit.  Simply saying we trust the admins is not good enough to pass a compliance or security audit, especially when there are fines for not being compliant. 


An alternative could be to increase the rights of the modify role as it currently does not have enough permissions to do all the functions needed; for example renaming a password list or executing bulk password changes on a password list. I'm not sure if changing the modify role or adding a new admin role is the best approach, but one or the other is needed.

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