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Templates for folder structures

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As an IT infrastructure service provider, we need to manage credentials for lots of customer systems and in Passwordstate, we like to keep the credentials for each customer in their own folder for which we have a standardized structure (of lists and folders). Often, we also create sub-folders within a customer's folder that also contain a set of predefined lists and folders. So, what would really help us in that regard are folder-structure templates that create a set of folders and lists with specific names, that reference certain templates and, if created in a folder with the standard permission structure, that have a set of predefined permissions.

The Clone Folder feature gets us a good bit of the way there, but requiring the users to move the cloned folder to the correct place will eventually go wrong with large structures such as ours.

I guess you could see the implementation of this feature as a two-part combination of existing functionality; first, clone a structure that is marked as a template structure and then move it to the desired place in the existing structure.

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