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Upgrading from Passwordstate8 to 9


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I want to update from Passwordstate 8995 to the most recent build of Passwordstate 9.xx.  Currently, I am not able to back up passwordstate through my domain account over network share, but it is backed up through Azure automatically. Would this be a problem for me when I upgrade to Passwordstate 9.xx. 


To upgrade my passwordstate I will be doing the following steps below: But is there any consideration I have to make prior to the installation for the most recent build of Passwoodstate Build 9786? In regards to step a, is the zip file use for upgrading the core as well as upgrading to the latest build 9786?


If you are upgrading from build 8995 or later, then:

a. Download the file https://cdn.clickstudios.com.au/version9/passwordstate.zip (please validate the checksums), and extract the zip file

b. Run the passwordstate.exe as an Administrator (right click and Run as Administrator) on your Passwordstate web server – simply follow the on-screen instructions for the upgrade wizard

c. Browse to your Passwordstate URL, and finish the database upgrade phase of the upgrade – a screen will be presented to you when you login, to upgrade the database

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