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[Question] Setting up Test instance - license limits


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I've been meaning to set up a test environment of PasswordState but i had a few questions.

according to this blog-post https://blog.clickstudios.com.au/can-you-setup-a-test-instance-with-production-data/

and the EULA https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/Passwordstate_EULA.pdf

We're allowed to set up a single production server, and a single non-production, unless otherwise specified. Where can i find if it is otherwise specified?
From what i have received, i think i'm allowed to run the above 2 instances, but i cannot be for sure.


Aside from that, can you setup a non-production instance with the same licences that we've received (in our case Client Access licenses and Annual support)? I couldn't find an answer to this on the blog linked above. As it talkes about "Passwordstate Production License Keys".



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I've been trying to build a test instance, but boy is it cumbersome to install with the provided documentation.


I have followed the following instructions:




i created a new server, installed SQL. installed PWS up to Section 5 (did not do Section 6). Copied the "connectionStrings and AppSettings" (unencrypted).

copied over the "SecureID" folder, as a wasn't sure this applied. We do use 2FA, but not RSA.

copied the production database to the test server. recreated the 'passwordstate_user' with 'db_owner' role.

adjusted the "web.config' to match the new host and password (database remained the same).

And finally restarted all services just to be sure.


When i try to access the website, i get the attached error.

iis error.png



Can't i just install a new instance, according to documentation, and simply use my existing keys? I don't really need the data from production to test stuff out.

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