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Manually add a password through the browser extension


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I think it could be useful to be able to manually add a password through the browser extension, most likely simply bound to the current domain/URL. Example case: you're currently on a site and the extension didn't auto-prompt for saving a new password, because it didn't detect a successful login. This most usually seems to happen on sites that handle the login completely via AJAX. I think it's because the extension looks for the HTTP 200 response code for the page's top frame, but AJAX logins usually cause a redirect (3xx code, which might get detected) or possibly directly change window.location. Trying to account for all of these edge cases will most likely result in way too many prompts for things that weren't actual logins, so simply being able to add an entry manually once in a while seems perfectly acceptable. On your next visit to the site it should still be able to autofill the password since the website's domain/URL still matches what is set on the entry.


Other cases include sites with basic authentication prompts. I realise the extension won't be able to autofill such a password since there's no HTML to interact with, but at least the password can be stored in Passwordstate for safekeeping. Plus (at least on my Firefox), I can interact with the extension's search function to retrieve the stored password without problems (i.e. the login popup doesn't get dismissed).

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