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UI notifications for failure to copy or reveal.

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Last year your team changed the exchange process for obtaining or revealing passwords in the webUI for PasswordState. I totally understand the requirements, but we hope there could be some UI changes to make this easier when something doesn't work.
1 - When there is a failure because the window was moved out of focus early, could the notification please be left on the screen either starting the timer once the window has been re-focused or for a longer period. 

2 - When there was a failure retrieving the password can the notification be a different color or something more visible. (i.e the background of the notification is red).


Our reasoning:

We are a 40 person MSP with users all around the country, some of which in the field on constrained mobile connections working with clients. This poor connectivity frequently makes the exchange of the behinds the scenes data take much longer, and techs break the focus of the window too quickly and thus gets an error, but the error disappears before they refocus. When they do get the error because the notification looks identical to a successful message, they don't realize why the password copy isn't working. 

Thanks all!


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