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Integration Request: Connectwise Control / Screenconnect


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The Connectwise platform uses ScreenConnect / Connectwise Control for remote management of computers and servers, primarily used by MSP's.

Standard remote control solution - you control a remote system, send your credentials on that remote system to log in, and you're interacting with it like you in front of the console.


There is an API available to help with the management of this - currently, there is only one password manager which is sold and promoted via the Connectwise Market as being an integration partner for the solution.  Would be very excited for Passwordstate to be an option within this environment, as Connectwise Control is a critical tool within the Connectwise RMM platform, and is widely used by Connectwise partners.  

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I hear you. 


I tried going down the road of using Remote Desktop Manager, which already had Passwordstate integration, but even Devolutions are grouchy about paying CW's integration fees and cuts of sales. 


I think, personally, the likes of Click Studios and ConnectWise, with Connectwise's ridiculous fees, could surely come to a deal where we, the customer of both platforms, pay an extra fee to access said integration, and Connectwise get their money; ClickStudios aren't paying CW more than necessary. 


I think it's all doable but I think it's CW that has to come to the party - but they know what they've got... 


I'm with you. CW & CS should be coming from an angle of giving their customers what they want, which is integration in 2024! God dammit! 



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