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Restore on new installed machine

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I am trying to do a restore based on backups created like this - Passwordstate Automatic Backups and Upgrades (clickstudios.com.au) - 


This is a disaster recovery or BMR, wich means that there is no old server just 3 zip files from my backups - db, files and keys.


I think that security adminstator guide is not comlpete.  i follw the restore process there.


- did new install of windows with same hostname and ip

- installed prereqs for passwordstate

- installed sqlexpress (like before)

- restored database to sqlexpress

- installed passwordstate

- configured SSL Certificate


Now there is some issues... since i need old web.config to connect passwordstate to database. and i cant use that since the file is encrypted, and as for security i can only decrypt it on old server.


i am only getting to /setup page...


i have tried

- modified connectionstring and secret keys from key.zip

- copied files from files.zip to initpub/passwordstate

- restarted service and iisreset.

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