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New authentication method to support external authentication stacks


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Many enterprises have custom built authentication stacks that use various technologies in order to authenticate requests and forward these to backend Web services.


Please add a new authentication method to Passwordstate that accepts username values from HTTP headers in the HTTP request. Having this method would allow integration into many BeyondCorp-like enterprise web security products (like ScaleFT) that would sit in front of traffic to Passwordstate, authenticate requests, and forward these to Passwordstate post-authentication, telling Passwordstate via HTTP headers which user made the specific request.



  • administrative settings should allow the administrator to define which HTTP header to read the username from
  • administrative settings should allow to define a whitelist of IP addresses that these requests should come from, this way making sure that the requests are only accepted from allowed reverse proxies
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Hi Crey


I'm not completely shure if this would be a feasable solution for you, but if you also could use SAML for authentication it should basically do what you need: A pre-authentication, which is made before Passwordstate. 

Passwordstate also supports configuring IP ranges to restrict access regarding to the authentication option.


Best regards,



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