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Report on checked out passwords and reason


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Hi guys

I have been looking to pull out reports for who has had acces to what account during what time and their reason for it.

On some admin accounts we have the checkout with a reason activated and the password is reset when checkedin.(so we know that only the user who checkedout the password had access to the account during this time)

So I would like a report on who has checkedout what account and during what time was this checkedout and the reason for checking this out.


Today I have only found reports where I se who checkedout an account and when it is checkedin and that is in a list/audit form so I have to peice together events of checkouts and checkins to form the report. 

I haven't found any way of getting the reason for checkout in any report today, is there a report today that gives me that? Or can I do that from the API?


Example headers for the new proposed report

User   |   account that was checkedout   |   time for checkout   |   time for checkin   |   duration of checkout   |   reason for checkout


This would be realy nice for the annual reviews on SOX compliance on who has access to accounts with high privilege rights.


Best Regards Ulf

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