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Local Login Account - User must change password at next logon and changing password


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I have been creating some local login accounts in Passwordstate and I noticed a couple of features that would be great to have:

1. Newly created accounts should be set to "User must change password at next logon" by default when created.

2. As part of #1, if #1 is not set by default (or even if it is a configurable setting), then importing of local users from CSV should allow a field to set whether the imported account should be set to "User must change password at next logon" - I had to manually set this in 30 user accounts when setting them up.

3. It should not be possible for the user to change their own Login password via, Preferences > Authentication Options > Change Your Login Password, without entering their existing password first. This would stop someone hijacking an account left logged in and being then able to reset the password and login elsewhere without the user's knowledge.



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