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RADIUS Challenge/Response for Password Portal


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The current implementation of RADIUS only allows the use of tokens/passwords that do not require a challenge/response.  Currently, if a RADIUS Challenge message is sent to the portal, a Password Incorrect message is instead shown.


Example Scenario [RADIUS server setup to use SMS tokencodes]:

  1.  User enters their PIN and clicks Next
  2. PIN is sent to RADIUS server
  3. RADIUS server responds with Access-Challenge message
  4. Password portal prompts user for next token code (or whatever message is sent back with the Access-Challenge)
  5. User enters tokencode they received and clicks Next
  6. RADIUS server respondss with Access-Granted and authentication succeed


This is also useful in scenarios when using hardware/software tokens via RADIUS and a PIN rotation is enabled.  The portal would need to be able chain Access-Challenge responses as there may be more than one.

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