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Passwordstate Gateway with LoadBalancer


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I am wondering if anyone has had success configuring the Passwordstate Gateway for use with the Browser Launcher Load Balanced using a Citrix Netscaler?


I am having some trouble getting it configured in my environment. Here are the symptoms I am seeing. 

When the Nescaler is in place and load balancing between our two Web Servers and we attempt to launch a Browser session we see the "Web Proxy Gateway Connection Issue" page


When I click the Gateway SSL Cert Test, I a message stating the following: 

Welcome to the Remote Session Launcher Web Proxy Test Page
The purpose of this simple test page is to ensure Passwordstate has access to the Remote Session Launcher Browser Based Gateway, and that no SSL Certificate or Firewall issues are preventing access. 

If you're able to see this page okay, then access to the gateway is working as expected, and you can close this browser tab.


If I use the host file on my computer and point it to EITHER of the Web Servers directly the Browser Launcher works just fine. 

We have also configured a separate URL for the Gateway, setup new bindings for it in IIS on the Web Servers and created a CName record in DNS for it.  This too works fine. 

I have worked with support on this and they believe the Load balancer to be the issue.  I tend to agree but am kind of stuck on what needs to be configured.  FYI, we have the Netscaler configured to allow traffic over port 7273. We also have service groups setup for our passwordstate URL to allow traffic via 80 and 443.  




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