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Send Account Heartbeat Request on passwords in Favourites list


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I was directing a user to using the "Send Account Heartbeat Request" option in Passwordstate using the drop down menu beside the password. The user could not see the option but it turns out it is not there if you use the drop down menu beside the password in the Favourites list - it is only there if you navigate to the passwordlist and select the drop down menu beside the password. I am not sure if this is by design for a reason and I cannot see a way to change the behaviour via the administration options. It can be confusing for end users for there to be two different lists / available actions whether you access the password through the favourites list or via the passwordlist. I do see there are two other differences - "Filter recent activity on this record" and "View individual password permissions" but those two options are more related to administration of the password but the heartbeat is what an end user might use more so.


Can the "Send Account Heartbeat Request" option be added to the menu in the favourites list also?





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