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Plugins/Extension/Addon Improvements


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I'd like to see the extension/plugin/addons to function similarly to existing ones that are working great, such as KeeFox + KeePass / Keepass Tusk.


One of the feature I like from those is the ability to copy username or copy password individually. This is helpful when fields do not auto-fill for some reason (even when you go to the addon or click on the icon at the field to autofill).  It takes an extra step to click on the link to be directed to the password entry and then copying information and bouncing between tabs.


One other feature is auto-saving of the generator password from the addon. Some times the auto prompt doesn't come up to save after your submitted new generated password. In haste, I often forget to manually go add it to my list and then have to reset the password to the website that I didn't have a record of. 


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