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One-Time Password Settings - Hide "advanced" settings by default


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as already mentioned here, I would like to open a feature request and hope that it can be implemented.

Short version: It would be great if the setup of a 2FA app for One-Time Passwords could be made more user-friendly.


We are using the One-Time Password Settings solution for all users inside PasswordState. 
Every user get's a prompt at the first login to specify the One-Time Password settings. 
But this confuses the majority of users and almost nobody wants to change these settings at all.


Is it possible to change the displayed menu to show only the Secret Key + Generate button by default and add the possibility to open an "Advanced" section where you can change the settings?



The selection of the token type could also be displayed if you think it is necessary (in our case this would not be necessary).

The default settings can be set in the Admin Settings, so we can define the default settings there and this should be no problem.


Something like this would be more user friendly (+ the advanced section if needed):


(This is an example found on https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/215343108-How-to-use-the-Google-Authenticator-app-with-Multifactor-Authentication)


Thanks for your help and keep healthy,



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We are looking at implementing TOTP for MFA , and I agree with limiting what is presented to the user on 1st Login to the 'Generate'  block information.   

The other properties are configured in the Systems Settings under Authentication Options, and in our case shouldn't be overridden by individual users. 


Thanks... Scott

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