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Limit Visible Account Types


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Please allow us to limit the Account Types that can be selected for a secret, either globally or (preferably) by list.  For example, I have no Juniper devices, so it'd be great to just hide that account type.  Further, say I had a password list "Firewalls", limit the account types that can be added to that list to say FortiGate, SonicWall, Firewall, etc.  Also, in order to use certain icons for specific password lists, I've had to create Account Types, when really it's just the icon.  For example, to visually differentiate between standard and "Privileged" password lists, I have to create an Account Type.  It's all Active Directory accounts, for example, but now I've got two different "types" that can represent it (and how to I tie the Active Directory password change / heartbeat scripts to a new custom account type)?

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