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Change default flag of Templates/Policies/Types


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for our purposes it would be very good if you could change the "default flag" of password list templates, all policies and Images and account types. (So in general all dropdown fields).
If you create a new password list, it looks similar to this screen:



It should be possible to change the default values for Templates, Images, Password Generator Policies etc.? 

For Example, i want to display the "Default Template" (ID 13) as default value (pre selection) in the dropdown menu and not the "Standard Password List" (ID 1) (see screenshot below).
Is this possible?




This basically should be possible for every drop-down menu.

This way we could minimize the error rate when creating new password lists. Not all people who create lists always take care to choose the right templates, pictures etc., so you could at least give them the best preselection.
The general possiblity to select these options/lists/policies for the users should remain. I do not want to hide any lists/types/policies from all users.

Thanks and keep healthy,

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