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Enhanced options for disabling authentication mechanisms


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On a user's preferences screen, if we've disabled one or more authentication options (i.e. under System Settings -> Authentication Options -> Hide the following Authentication Options on User's Preferences screen), then don't give the user the ability to make adjustments to settings for those methods.  So, for example, if Scramblepad is disabled, then don't show the "ScramblePad Pin Number" section on the user's Preferences screen (under Authentication Options).  Similarly, if RADIUS is not an enabled option, then don't show the RADIUS Username section.


Additionally, it'd be great if this setting could be a user policy option, as opposed to system-wide.  Our specific use case would be that we want internal (staff) users to be forced to use SAML, but permit external (client) users to choose whether they want to use OTP or Email Pin or Google Authenticator, etc.

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