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Feature Request: Add Audit entry when build number is updated


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This is for audit compliance reporting so we can show that we did our paperwork before updating Passwordstate. If PWS shows a build number changed and we don’t have paperwork showing when/why/how, we should be dinged by the auditors, and given hefty bonuses if we have all of our paperwork in place.

Usable formats the feature could be implemented as are listed below. I recommend building whichever one is easiest:

  1. Add an audit log entry each time the build number is changed as part of an upgrade
  2. Add a scheduled report that shows on X date, the highest build number the software was running was Y

Currently, we don't have any system-generated ways of showing that we did our due diligence when updating PWS, the only records we have to give auditors are our own paperwork and the paperwork itself is what is supposed to be validated.

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