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Feature Request: Contacts Improvements


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I recently found out that we could add contacts inside of passwordstate. I find this useful and could really be helpful in managing vendors and contractors.  Unfortunately, as it exist today - there is only a "personal" and "global" option.


With regards to personal - I would maintain my own personal contacts from within my Outlook software. I find the Global option useful for things like our Print/Copy maintenance vendor, or our Purchasing account managers for the entire organization.


What it lacks and what i'd like to request as a feature are:


  • The ability to create groups and tying it to the built-in permission system to allow others to see the "group" shared contacts
  • The ability to create additional custom fields, preferably ad-hoc. I'd like to include my contact's Job Title and perhaps additional support or maintenance email on top of their direct email.
  • The ability for contacts to be searchable via the browser extension since often my web-session would log me out quicker than my addon/extension and it would be convenient to look it up via that then having to log in w/ OTP and search for one contact.


I'm not sure if anyone else out there is using this and would love to hear others feedback.


Thanks for your consideration.


[Updated 2020.07.05]

Now that I've moved over my contacts from Outlook/Exchange into PasswordState - here's how i'm doing it and what I think could be time savers/improvements in the future:


  • Create a list template strictly for contacts
  • Create a default password list generator for PIN (4-6 digits), apply default PIN password policy to contact list template. Use password field as PIN for some accounts that need it.
  • Re-purpose some of the fields because you only get ten custom fields for the following columns:
    • Title = Job/Position Title of contact person
    • Username = First & Last Name
    • Description
    • Email
    • Company
    • Account ID (Account # when contacting support)
    • Business Phone
    • Mobile Phone
    • Support Phone
    • Support Email
    • Manager / Reports to
    • Manager Phone/Email
    • Last Updated
    • URL
    • Password Generator: PIN Generator
    • Password
    • Confirm Password


I'd like to tie additional attributes but it was not possible due to the current limitation of the ten existing custom fields.  I'd also like a faster way to import contacts - which exists currently as CSV but requires processing, perhaps a VCF or vcard import.


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