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  1. In products I have setup with SAML, after first login all remain authenticated through browser session and most persist for some period of time even when the browser has been closed and reopened or the computer rebooted. Some require login after an hour and some don't require a new login for weeks. So, it varies on the auto-logout. If we can't configure it, I would probably prefer shorter for passwordstate.
  2. That is the expected behavior from other products I have integrated with AAD. Not sure about the technical aspects, but as and end user that's how it should work.
  3. Sorry, I mean the path on the Passwordstate web site for the extension to function. The mobile page only requires access to https://<sitename>/Mobile. Is there an equivalent for the extension after it has been provisioned in the browser. I know that requires access to the full site. I am trying to grant limited access to some of our "external" WiFi networks.
  4. Is there a particular path that the browser extension uses or does it need access to the entire site starting at the root?
  5. I login to a site that does a page overlay for login. The form info is below: <div class="credentials"> <label for="user_email">Email</label> <input autofocus="autofocus" autocomplete="on" type="email" name="user" id="user_email"> <label for="user_password">Password</label> <input autocomplete="off" type="password" name="user[password]" id="user_password"> </div> I have tried using both the name and id fields in the extension configuration, but neither seem to work. Is it a problem with the [ ] or possibly that it is presented in an overlay?
  6. I have some websites that have three pieces of information to add to login, account number, username and password. It would be helpful to be able to customize the field entries beyond just username and password.
  7. I can confirm. I downloaded Passwordstate from the MS Extension store. Now, I just have to update the server. So going forward, will we have to update the server every time the extension is updated? That would mean everyone's extension would break until we had a chance to upgrade the server.
  8. I am still using beta 1 on Edge Chromium. Has the extension been released for Edge yet? If not, can I get early access? With beta 1 I am having an issue with one website that it won't fill the username on. https://bd.pcm.com <input class="txtBox" type="text" name="userLoginId" id="userLoginId" maxlength="50" value=""> It fills the password, but not the username even though I have updated browser form field with userLoginId. Any other hints?
  9. Should the extension handle updates to passwords? I had to change my password on a site and when I logged back in, it didn't detect the new password and prompt for an update. In order to reset the password, I used the password generator in the extension to copy and paste into the new password field, then went back to the login screen. Once there I replaced the autofill password with the one from the clipboard. No prompts to update when logging in. Tried twice just to make sure I didn't miss the pop-up. What concerns me is losing the password before it gets updated in PasswordState. I have had the same problem with LastPass, so I don't know if there is an elegant solution.
  10. Overall, it has been working great. The only annoying thing I have hit is resetting passwords on accounts. I can't enter the new password twice without Passwordstate auto-filling the new password field on some sites. Any chance you could add a once click button to disable auto-fill on a specific page?
  11. Just finished the upgraded to the server and installed the plugin in Edge, works great so far. Thank you!
  12. When will the chromium edge beta be available or should this one work in there as well?
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