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  1. When you are adding Webhook in slack, user can choose where to post messages. It can be a direct message to a specific user, but not really makes sense. One webook cannot post to multiple channels or multiple users. So best practice is to have a dedicated alert/notification channel. In terms of the content, it could be the same as in email templates (i assume) already.
  2. mostly we use this https://slack.com/apps/A0F7XDUAZ-incoming-webhooks It's very simple, you add this to your Slack workspace, you get API key which in turn put in the third-party app. Of course, that third-party must support sending notifications or whatever is needed to slack.
  3. Hi, i would not say that you can use WinApi only from windows machines. We are using WinApi from Linux machines for quite some time and it works fine as simple as this: curl --ntlm -u "user:pass" "https://passwordstate_url/winapi/passwords/XX"
  4. Hi, used this SQL query for several times. I would put +1 for this feature to have it in the reporting. I would improve with the additional column indicating the number of records in the password list.
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