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Host Segmentation and permission


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We're a large IT group and we have multiple subsidiaries using a central passwordstate vault. Each subsidiary have it's own set of internal ou customers accounts / password / servers / ...

We manage the segmentation on passwords using folders (advanced or standard permissions models) or lists: each team have its own root folder and manage their subfolders and lists inside. So people from team A cannot see passwords from team B unless they've been granted for.
However, hosts are not manageable in the same way. No segmentation is possible for adding / deleting / editing hosts. So if someone from Team A add an host, people from Team B can remove this host. Each team needs to be fully autonomous for managing hosts, so we cannont centralize host insertion or edition to a central Team.

We could like to have an host segmentation (per folder maybe ?) so if someone create an host in group / folder "A", only people that would have been admin rights grandted on that group can add / edit / remove it.



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