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PWS V9.1 Build 9117 - Authentication Failed - Testing writing files to the Passwordstate Folder.....

Mi Ke

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I upgraded Passwordstate from v8.9 to v9.1 build 9117 in May, and today I noticed that no backup has been running since that time. I've tried to adjust the backup according to the instructions https://www.clickstudios.com.au/downloads/version9/Passwordstate_Automatic_Backups.pdf, but so far without success. When testing I always get the error: 




Test permission result:

  • Testing stopping and starting of Windows Services.....
  • Testing writing files to the Passwordstate Folder.....

Authentication Failed = Please check if the UserName and Password you have specified for Backups and Upgrades is correct, and the account has access to write files into the Passwordstate folder.




PWS, IIS and SQL Express are on the same Windows Server 2016. The backup user (AD Account without local admin permissons) is privileged on c:\intetpub\passwordstate and I think I've done all the steps from the manual.  The password of the backup user matches in PWS and AD.


Do you have any ideas on how I can narrow down the cause further?


Thanks and regards,


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