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Possibility to assign an additional username for a Password record


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Hi @support,

in other password managers (f.e. keepass) it is possible to use an additional username instead of the original username inside one password record.

Username: surname.lastname

Additional Username: surename.lastname@domain.com

Additional Username: domain\surename.lastname

Currently i need to add two (or more) password records inside passwordstate with different usernames and the same password to use different usernames on different websites (using the browser extension) for the same account.
On some sites, if using Active Directory integrated authentication, sometimes the domain name must be applied in the username field during logon. 

Alternatively to this suggestion, another possible integration would be to automatically append the domain and offer it as an option in the browser extension (for accounts that are assigned to a domain in Passwordstate) or in the passwordstate website (Copy Username, Copy Username with Domain etc.).



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