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Scheduled reports irritation


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Hi all,


I have just found a solution to my problem, I am not sure if this is a case of pebcac or a bug or both, and I want to share it here for everyones benefit.


The issue:

After updating passwordstate (version 8 something - 9300), we found that some of our scheduled reports are not showing the details we wanted.

Fix should be simple right? Go to the report, edit, tick a few boxes and save... Well, this is where my headache began.

Logged in -> Administration -> Reporting -> View and Manage all Scheduled Reports created by users -> Select report to edit -> Auditing settings -> Add in an activity type -> Now try and save....

What I found was there was no way to save any changes that I made on any of the report settings - The only option on this screen is close.

Next thought - Maybe sometyhing wrong with my user? Created another admin user full perms and same issue.

Specific permissions on scheduled reports? Created a group, gave it specific feature access for scheduled reports. Still nothing. Major funny failure imminent.

Next thought - maybe updating reports is borked. Let me just create a new report and see if I can make it work that way. Huh? I cant add a new report either??!!


Funny failure commences. Resolved with a dose of caffeine and nicotine.


20 mins of poking and prodding through the settings with no joy.


Then in desperation, after going through ALL of the settings in administration, I started looking elsewhere... Namely the icons in the sidebar. Oh whats this - Reports? Let me check this out.

Click on scheduled reports. I am taken to the infernal Scheduled reports page that I have been pounding my face against for the last hour. What is this? Add report button!! With my heart now racing, I clicked on the report that I wanted to tick a single box on... I ticket the box and the save button is there!!! Relief, happiness, joy... wait how long did this take me to find?... Shame, anguish, irritation.


Now I am here, sharing my story. Is this a case of pebcac? I will have to say yes, because everything was there and I was not using the tools correctly. I will also say, what is the bleeding point of having the option to edit my reports in the administration screens when I cant save?


In conclusion, I hope that this helps some lost soul like myself, and I also hope that someone from clickstudios sees this and maybe adds in a line saying "You cannot edit reports here, please go to XYZ and edit there" or, add in a save button...


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