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"non-enumerated" permission report

Valentijn Scholten

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For our permission review we currently use the "What permissions exist (all users and security groups)?" report.

This report enumerates all users with access for each password. So in the following scenario:


- 1 password list, i.e. "Apple Devices";

- 100 passwords, i.e. MAC001, MAC002, ...;

- 5 users have a permission assigned at the "Apple Devices" list level;


In this scenario I would like to only review these 5 permissions. So ideally the report contains only 5 entries, 1 for each user. i.e. 5 rows.


The current "What permissions exist (all users and security groups)?" report contains 500 rows as it lists all 5 users for each of the 100 passwords.


We have over 500 password lists, so the current report is almost impossible te review as it's so big.


Alternative might be to change the report / styling to make it clear which permission came from the list level and which permission is an individual password permission.


I think I tried the other permission reports as well, but none of them provide the "non-enumerated" output we would ideally have.




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