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Mobile App - Additional settings for Sync and Search

Dave Bennie

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Request 1 - Option to enable\disable swipe to sync
We have tens of thousands of lists which means syncing takes quite a while (3 to 4 minutes with 20,000+ lists).  When using an Android phone it is quite easy to accidentally trigger a sync request when scrolling through lists.  I would like to see the option of disabling "Swipe to sync" mean my users would go to the menu and choose sync.


Request 2 -  Option to enable\disable search as you type

With thousands of lists when searching for a folder or list,  it is quite laggy.  It would be nice to be able to enable\disable search as you type. 

Disabling search as you type would allow you to type in the entire word\words you are looking for then hit the search button.  This would speed up the UX for users with thousands of lists.

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