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Require Users To Select A Password List Template


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A couple of suggestions: 


1) Require users to select a password list template

Use case: Your organisation requires all Password Lists created to require "provide a reason" (or some other setting) additionally, you have multiple templates users can use because naturally, they aren't one size fits all.

A UAP can enforce users to use one specific template for settings and one specific template for permissions; however this doesn't work when users have multiple templates to choose from. There is nothing to stop users from not selecting a template to use for settings/permissions - thus bypassing the organisations requirement of all password lists configured to "require a reason".


Perhaps an additional UAP setting "Users must choose a template they have permission to when creating a Shared Password List" and "Users must choose a template when creating a Private Password List".

Setting D3 should still work as expected with the above suggestion.


2) Categories for Password List Templates: When copying settings from a template, only allow users to select a template marked as "Private Password List Template". Currently users can select any template they have access to, to copy settings from (Shared or Private). Thus the drop down for template selection can be needlessly cluttered. Current best solution for this is making sure templates are named appropriately.


3) Additionally, an option to prevent users using self-destruct messages on Private Password Lists, and exporting their passwords. 

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