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How is your folder structure set up for cross-department access?


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I am currently clearing up our Passwordstate instance.


My first thoughts were based on a best practice article found in the blog. This article describes the organization of the passwords into department folders with the help of security groups to give the permissions.

In our case the security groups are coming from an Active Directory. This makes total sense to me. But how could I organize passwords/password lists which needs to be cross-department accessible? 

An idea was to create security groups for each of these cases but this could lead to a mass of new groups.


How do you organize these kind of special permissions? Are security groups the only way?

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Folders per team
Password list templates per team

UAP per team

AD Groups per team, applied to templates/UAPs
Team leads are admins of lists

Passwords that need to be shared across departments can have that teams AD group applied to the password list or the individual password item.

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