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Load on Demand - Passwordstate performance tweak

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one or more users logs into Passwordstate, and they notice a long delay for the initial webpage to render.  You many notice this delay of up to 30 seconds or more before all the folder and Password Lists are displayed.



Each folder of Password List you see in the navigation tree requires a small bit of HTML to render.  The more Folders and Password Lists requires more HTML, and with thousands of these objects, your browser could be rendering 10 to 20 megabytes of data each time you log in.



For an affected user, get them to go to their Personal Preferences page, and enable Load On Demand.  Log out and log back in again, and the performance of their initial load times should increase drastically:




Apply Load on Demand to All Users:

It's possible to use a User Account Policy to force some, or all users to use Load on Demand.  If you have not used the User Account Policy feature before, this blog post explains what they are, and how to set them up:  https://blog.clickstudios.com.au/develop-user-account-policies/


In your User Account Policy, setting #A11 is where you enable Load on Demand:









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