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Contacts for Self Destruct


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Hi Guys,


We're often faced with the situation we need to send Self Destruct messages to contractors who have no requirement to access Passwordstate; its tedious to have to manually type (or otherwise hunt around) for the contractors email address every time we need to send them a Self Destruct message.

Obviously Passwordstate allows you to select users to send a message to, but it'd be nice if there was some form of "Address Book" that you could add contacts to for the same purpose. Adding a new contractor to the Passwordstate address book would then become part of the enrolment process for that contractor.

When implementing such feature, it'd be nice to be able to change the Self Destruct UI to have radio buttons to indicate you wish to search (as you type) for a Passwordstate user or in the Address Book, or both, as well as some way to select multiple contacts and/or users.

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